Mission, Vision & Values


We provide safe, affordable, & equitable homes for our community.


We strive to be a leader in residential housing development & community development


Compassionate, Quality & Affordable

Meet The Team

Martin Sissac

Managing Partner

Michael Sissac


Smyer Sissac Property Development

Our Family is Our Community

We Build The Future For Our Community

The Smyer Sissac team will focus to acquire deteriorating single family and multifamily structures, leverage private and public capital to renovate properties and turn them around into safe, affordable and well‐ functioning residential communities. Similarly, by attracting investment to construct new housing on vacant in‐fill lots, Smyer Sissac seeks to add to the local supply of safe, affordable housing and eliminate the hazards often associated with vacant lots.

It is about more than just residential housing development; Community Development is equally important. The United Nations defines community development as a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Anyone could gamble on the web around online casino live. We all can clearly see the problems arising in our community and Smyer Sissac is prepared to actively provide a solution

A Permanent Solution

Our objective is to develop services-enriched housing that will help families combat chronic poverty, welfare dependency and homelessness, targeting battered women and women with children. Women young and old, who are homeless and alone survive by being invisible.  Staying awake through the night out of fear, they sleep on buses and in airports, hospitals, abandoned buildings, backyards and alleyways in a desperate attempt to find shelter each night without being detected. Finding food in garbage cans and behind restaurants, women avoid panhandling because doing so makes them a highly visible targets for crime. They bathe in public restrooms, desperate to go unnoticed. But of course, they cannot hide forever, especially from predators.

It is and has been important for the Smyer Sissac Property Development Family to continue to uplift and provide permanent solutions for the women in our community so that they can avoid as many of the negative experiences the system has set up for them to experience. From this goal our mission to provide safe, affordable, & equitable homes for our community was born.

Modular Housing is expected to become the number one solution for solving the homeless problem in Los Angeles.

Our Communities should have safe, compassionate, quality, and affordable housing.

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