Our Portfolio

Current Portfolio

Each of our current properties was purchased by Geraldine and Livingston with hard earned money they saved. Test out your joy on online casino live. They have put love into each home and consider the tenants and future tenants family members.

Eulalie Manor

Pauline’s Place

The “Green House”

Strategic Plan for the Portfolio

The Smyer Sissac Family story has brought them to a place where they are ready to take their quest to provide affordable housing for their community to the next level. Our main goal is to buy, demolish and rebuild to ADA compliant homes at the rate of 1 per year with private money. We Will actively seek to raise money via syndication to develop additional multifamily developments.

We will target raw land, as well as existing single-family residential dwellings sold at foreclosure rates. We intend to further pursue, lower construction costs, lower construction timing, and green technology advances through modular housing options. Increases in density coupled with modular housing will allow our team to increase the number of units of affordable housing for the LA community.

The Re-Build of Pauline's Place

Pauline’s place is the first home in portfolio to be rebuild to ADA Compliant standards to accommodate any future disabled tenants. There will be two three bedroom units to house the members of our community that qualify for Low Income Housing in the City of Los Angeles.

Strategic Partners

Beyond Design Group, Inc.
Featuring: Sovereign Design
Office: 400 Corporate Pointe, Suite 300 PMB 105
Culver City, CA 90230
Office: (424) 203-3226 / (310) 740-3208 mobile
Email: sovereignti@gmx.com

Derrick Burnett, Principal Designer

A the CEO & Principal Designer of Beyond Design Group, Derrick Burnett has been creating inventive, diversified commercial & residential development throughout Southern California, and abroad for over 27 years.

Derrick started his commerciall & residential design and engineering firm in Los Angeles in 2004. His work has since involved numerous types of projects, such as public facilities and private developments for the LA County Sherriff’s Department, new buildings or requalification: single and multifamily homes, collective housing, tourist developments, restaurants, public facilities (sports, social, educational, recreational, mixed use, etc.), urban regeneration and urban planning (plans, studies and development). Derrick’s work is well known for the utilization of site view orientation, the creative use of green building techniques, and a visible effective working knowledge of sustainable building materials. His proven expertise, professional intuition and creative approach towards design is integrated into all of his firm’s work, satisfying all ranges of clientele.